Better Get to Livin' by Sally KilpatrickSmart, witty, and delightfully offbeat, this new novel from the author of The Happy Hour Choir and Bittersweet Creek is an uplifting story about following your heart, even when it leads to the last place you’d expect…

Presley Cline has put aside dreams of Hollywood stardom and come back to Ellery, Tennessee, to work in a beauty shop. In truth, the dreams in question were more her mother’s than her own. Presley may have the face and body of a movie icon, but she lacks the stomach for it. Yet a loving relationship and normal home life seem almost as unattainable as an Oscar. Being able to see and speak to dead people certainly isn’t helping.

Presley’s first job, beautifying “clients” at the Anderson Funeral Home, is quite a change from working on a movie set. The place is home to dozens of ghosts all hoping that Presley can help them move on–and also one very-much-alive owner, Declan Anderson. Like Presley, Declan is caught between following family expectations and his own aspirations. But with a little meddling from loved ones and locals–both living and dead–Presley is starting to see that life is too short not to be who you want to be, and the most rewarding journeys involve some unexpected detours…

Praise for Better Get to Livin’

Kilpatrick and her signature, quirky Southern characters are back! This is a fun story about following your heart, even through life’s unexpected detours, and not letting fear hold you back. Some familiar character combine with new ones, great visuals and even some ghosts. The reader may notice some hints of It’s a Wonderful Life woven in. They may also wish they had an Uncle Hollis–complete with his Elton John obsession–in their own family. —RT Book Reviews, 4 of 5 Stars

In short, this one is pretty much as close to perfect as a reading experience can get. —Nashville Book Worm

Better Get to Livn’ is a cute story with just the right blend of romance, sadness, and humor. If you enjoy your books with quirky characters and lots of heart, along with a side twist of the paranormal, you should give this one a try. —Harlequin Junkie