Why I Love Book Clubs

Last Wednesday through last Monday were some very busy days. On Wednesday, I spoke to a fifth grade class, and we’ll get back to them in a minute. Thursday I met with the Chestnut Ridge Lunch Bunch for lunch then I was lucky enough to be the first selection for the Love Our Readers Book […]

Excerpt from Bless Her Heart

Today seems like the perfect day to give you a tiny taste of Bless Her Heart, my novel that will come out on Halloween 2017. This snippet of a scene–which may be altered by the time you get the book–takes place on Ash Wednesday. Posey Love’s husband, Chad, has left her for another woman. Even worse, […]

2016 Oscar Movies

Once again, The Mister and I watched all of the Best Picture nominees and quite a few other nominees. I haven’t forgotten that I owe y’all–and myself–some of the 2015 movies that got snubbed. I will get there. Eventually. Heck, I’m running late with this post. I’m going to write about my picks only hours […]