Body Movers: A Day Late and a Body ShortWondering how things could have been between Carlotta and Coop after 3 Men and a Body? Well, this is how it could have happened. . . .

Poor Carlotta still can’t catch a break. At work, she’s forced to work in her least favorite department, lingerie, to help track down a shoplifting ring who’s targeting the latest and most expensive line of bras. Off the clock, she and Coop are trying to regain the magic of Daytona, but they keep getting interrupted instead. To top it all off, when she rides along with Coop on an easy retrieval, the long ago buried body is. . . . missing.

When not one but two women end up dead, Carlotta finds herself in danger. Will the story behind Oakland Cemetery’s missing body hold the clues Carlotta needs to solve a modern murder?