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2016 Oscar Movies

Once again, The Mister and I watched all of the Best Picture nominees and quite a few other nominees. I haven’t forgotten that I owe y’all–and myself–some of the 2015 movies that got snubbed. I will get there. Eventually. Heck, I’m running late with this post. I’m going to write Read more…

By SallyKilpatrick, ago

#TBRChallenge: Favorite Trope

First and foremost, I want you to pretend that it’s June 15th. Yes, yes, I know that it’s October. PRETEND that it’s June so we can PRETEND that I wrote my blog post for #TBRChallenge: Favorite Trope on time. I read the book in a timely fashion, but I’m afraid Read more…

By SallyKilpatrick, ago