The Happy Hour Choir Discussion

Need some questions for your book club?

  1. How would The Happy Hour Choir change if it were written from Luke’s point of view? Ginger’s? Or if it included multiple points of view?
  2. One of the themes of The Happy Hour Choir is family. At one point Beulah says, “Sometimes organizations underestimated the family we had created, somehow thinking it inferior to those defined by shared blood. In my experience, many of the strongest bonds came from those who chose to be together.” Do you think Beulah, Tiffany, and Ginger make a “real” family? Why or why not?
  3. Discuss the relationship between Ginger and Beulah. How does Beulah’s relationship with Tiffany differ, and what are the parallels?
  4. Is there a scene that made you laugh? Cry? Shake your fist?
  5. Do you think Tiffany did the right thing by having the baby? Would you feel the same if Carl had been her actual father instead of her stepfather?
  6. Why do you think Luke is attracted to Beulah and vice-versa? Do you think their differing beliefs on faith will be a problem for them?
  7. In The Happy Hour Choir we learn about abuse against female characters. Carl abuses both Tiffany and Beulah. Beulah was raped by Mr. Vandiver. How does that abuse color the story? How did it affect their characters?
  8. An actual vow of ordained Methodist ministers is that they are to be faithful in marriage and celibate while single. Do you believe this should be a vow? Why or why not? Do you think Luke will abide by it?
  9. What kind of parents do you think the Lands were? Do you think Beulah would’ve made the same choices if they had been different? Do you feel like Beulah should forgive her mother or try to mend their relationship?
  10. Another theme of The Happy Hour Choir is to explore why bad things happen to good people. At the end, Beulah sees a series of connections between the good and the bad events in her life. Do you think that God had a hand in all of those events? Did free will play a part? Is life simply a series of events, some good and some bad?
  11. Do you think The Happy Hour Choir will continue to sing together and finally go on to record their own music with the help of John the Baptist? Would you buy a CD of their work if they did?
  12. What parts of The Happy Hour Choir are distinctly Southern? Do you think that some of the events could take place in any small town? In a city?

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