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Giftie for a Good Cause: Love & Grace Anthology

Today on the Book of Face, I’m the resident giver of things on the Love & Grace Anthology page. This anthology’s proceeds will benefit Gracepoint–A School for Dyslexia. All of the stories are sweet and/or inspirational. To raise awareness, I’m giving away a copy of my decidedly not-so sweet, yet hopefully uplifting book, Better Get to Livin’. You have three options for entering and until 7pm EST to do so. I’m really wanting to hear those funny funeral home stories. Or your favorite Elton John song if you don’t have any funny funeral home stories–maybe that’s just a southern thing.

Here’s one of my funeral home stories: I went to the funeral home with my father for visitation for a relative on his side of the family. As I walked down the aisle right beside him, I heard a lady to the side hiss, “Yep, she’s a Rowlett all right. Look at that nose!”


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