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Cover Reveal for Love & Grace

Need a new Kilpatrick story? Maybe you like my stories but wish I’d cut down on the cussing and such? You won’t have to wait as long as you may have thought. I am so honored to be a part of a new box set called Love & Grace, and today is the grand cover reveal! Each story is sweet and/or inspirational and contains at least a mention to dyslexia because, you guessed it, full proceeds go to help fund Gracepoint — A School for Dyslexia. You’ll be able to purchase one of these babies, which is chock full of stories from other great authors, on August 30, 2016!

My story is set in the town of Kingdom Come, Texas. (I totally made the town up, but it just sounds like a place you’d find in Texas. Somewhere close to Dimebox maybe?) You may have guessed that I’m thinking about setting some more stories in this new fictional town. After all, there are some questions from “Standing on the Promises” that I would dearly love to answer for you. Never fear, my story, like those of the other eleven authors, is a complete story–no cliffhangers here!

Wanna find out more about Love & Grace? Read Ciara Knight’s great blog post on the subject here. Did I mention that Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote a foreword?

So, without further ado, we come to the cover reveal:


L&G E-cover (1)

As for my contribution, “Standing on the Promises:” Katrina Rawls did a very mean thing back in fifth grade. Now, she has to work with Seth Bridges for the good of the community, but can he forgive her?


P.S. Let me know if you like “Standing on the Promises” because I’ve wanted to write a series of novellas based on songs from the Cokesbury Hymnal for a long time. In fact, The Happy Hour Choir was part of that inclination. The hymn that inspired Beulah’s story? “Dwelling in Beulah Land,” of course.

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