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#TBR Challenge–Contemporary

I am going to be on time with my TBR Challenge even if that does mean two posts in one day! Not only am I on time, but I have two contemporary stories for you!

First up, I have Pam Mantovani’s debut, Cowboy on Her Doorstep. This is a secret baby book, so the water’s nice if that’s one of your favorite tropes. The hero, Logan, is a cowboy AND an Army Ranger. Not only that, but he also teaches barrel racing to kids. We like him. The heroine, Kendall, is a deputy sheriff who was kinda hoping (not really) that Logan wouldn’t come back to town because (Surprise!) their one night of passion led to an adorable little girl. We like her, too. Plenty of small town charm in this one, although there is an interesting undercurrent of danger as well. I’m still hoping for a sequel with Audra.


Second up, I have Amber Belldene’s Not a Mistake. I used to half-joke that I was going to someday write inspiration erotica. Well, Belldene has beat me to the punch. Okay, so I would say the book is steamy rather than erotica, but her priests are human, complete with human needs and wants. Come to think of it, this one is kinda a secret baby book, too. Jordan is a brand new Episcopalian priest who slept with Dominic, her ethics professor. Yes, you read that right. Ethics. Don’t worry, he beats himself up plenty. Despite the trappings of contemporary genre fiction, there’s a lot of theology to unpack here also, and I like that.


So, there you go. Two contemporary books for your consideration. For next month, I have to pick a book outside my comfort zone.

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