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Your Belated Christmas Letter, 2015 Edition

As some of you may have noticed, the Kilpatricks didn’t get their Christmas cards out this year. My bad. Please accept this blog post/Christmas letter instead. On the professional front, I published my first two books this year (Yay!), completed my tenure as Georgia Romance Writers president, attended my first Southern Festival of Books, and spoke at the Decatur Book Festival, the RWA national conference, and Moonlight & Magnolias. With accomplishments like that, one wonders what’s left to do. Make a list maybe?

As for the kiddos, The Hobbit scored high enough on the SAT to attend the Duke TIPs program, and Her Majesty discovered a love of both softball and singing. She even sang a solo at Lessons and Carols. The Mister has a brand spanking new job at Cartoon Network. (Go, Powerpuff Girls!) As a family, we all got to go to England together, a first for everyone but me. A fun time was, of course, had by all. Oh, hey, three of us along with Ryan’s mother all completed the Peachtree Roadrace together, too. 

We look forward to 2016 and all that it brings, hoping for health and happiness for us and for all of you. Stay tuned for more in the writing world and possibly comments full of all of the things I forgot to add. (Vitamin D deficiency, yo!)

Other things that happened. . . .

We met the Mayor. That’s pretty cool, right?
Off to Hogwarts!
Notorious RBG for Hallow
Christmas Day Dinner with all the family–the best gift of all!
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