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Choir Practice

Hear ye, hear ye! I’m preparing to send out my very first official newsletter, in which I shall be Preaching to the Choir!

If you would like to be the first to receive an excerpt from Bittersweet Creek, know when and where the launch party will be held, and get a special short-short prequel to the story, then please sign up over in the upper righthand side where it asks you to Join the Choir. If you’re not in the Choir, then you’ll just have to wait until practice is over. I’ll also be sending some exclusives to my Choir folk from time to time.

I also solemnly swear not to spam or to share your email address–I think they have a special hell for that sort of thing.

In the meantime, be brushing up on your Shakespeare, y’all!

Bittersweet Creek by Sally Kilpatrick

Wanna preorder or go add it to your Goodreads shelf? This post has ALL the links.

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