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Thank You, Sweet Ginger!

So, today’s entry is a helpful hint–pay attention I don’t have a lot of these. Yesterday, I admitted that I was suffering from a mild case of food poisoning, and there’s nothing like a upset stomach to upset your schedule and to make your kids think they have carte blanche to destroy everything in the house. (I even took a nap, but the house is still standing.)

Last night, I was desperate. So desperate that I looked for a solution on the Internet. I know, right? I found a home remedy for stomach aches that said to make a cup of Chamomile tea and to add one teaspoon of ginger and honey. With a little experimentation, I discovered that it would take three teaspoons of honey to get the ginger tea down, but it worked almost instantaneously! I had a little relapse today, fixed another cup, and, again, my stomach was better almost immediately.

So, the next time your tummy is giving you that angry rumble, feel free to try this concoction. Of course, if you do, you are taking complete responsibility for any ill effects. (If I had a lawyer, he would make me say that.)

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