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Submit or Trash

I’m getting ready to submit some poems–because I need help. So here’s my infamous ghazal. Do you think I should submit it? Is it edgy or just silly?

The Humble Request of the Mother of a Preschooler

I wheedle, I cajole, I plead
Wanting you to use the potty.

Princess dress, pony, lollypop
All yours when you learn to go potty.

Money, jewels, liberal kisses to feet
I would give if someone else would teach you to potty.

No pails, no pull-ups, no heavy bags
Just as soon as you learn to potty.

No accidents, no spills, no stains
Once it all finds the potty.

If only your will wasn’t your own
And I could mold you like putty.

But independence, spirit, and babyish charm
Will be lost if I make you go potty.

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